Spin Art

Lately I have been in a super crafty mood. Virginia and I keep coming across great craft blogs that have fantastic art projects. I came across Putti PraPancha from PinInterest and her spin art project. I loved how simple the project was and how my daughter would enjoy it since she doesn't have to get her hands dirty.

First choose your paper of choice. I love the Ikea art paper roll. I think it was like maybe five bucks for a huge roll. I rolled it out the length of our coffee table and taped it down. Second find one eager child that wants to paint.

Next get a plate and put a small dot of each paint on the plate. I used crayola finger paint, super cheap at Walmart. Also grab a cup of water to keep your brushes clean.

Next grab a round object. You could use paper plate, cd, baby food jar, or butter lid. Really any round surface is perfect. Put a dot of paint all around the lid. 

Next flip over butter lid and let the child press their hand in the middle. Making sure the paint is touching the paper. Then spin the lid a couple of times. Then lift the lid and be amazed at your beautiful art work!

A fun little extra art technique we discovered is taking a piece of yarn and dipping it in paint. Keep one end clean so the child can hold it without getting their fingers wet. Then just drape the yarn across the paper any way you desire. This makes some great unique art. In the near future I want to do a painting with Virginia using baked spaghetti.