Softball Player in the Making

The weather this week has started off beautiful. It feels like spring with a breeze in the air. This afternoon Virginia and I played in the backyard. I am loving the fenced in yard and being able to just sit on the deck and watch Virginia run around the yard. After awhile she decided to go to the front yard and play. She grabbed her tee ball set to play with. This makes mommy very happy. My sisters and I played softball growing up from 8 years old til the end of high school. Our dad was always our coach or acted as assistant coach. So secretly I am hoping Virginia will want to play softball as well. Here is a video of her hitting the ball off the tee. I was lucky I didn't get hit. Almost had a funniest home video on my hands.

Catching Up

Hey Everyone, I know it has been forever since I made a blog post. No real good excuse of why I have not been blogging. I have been keeping pretty busy and have lots of exciting news for you all. Since my last blog post we have moved, had a few birthdays, and found out that I will be having a new
      nephew next year.

First up we moved out of our apartment and became homeowners. This is the first house we have owned. It was a little crazy moving and packing. Reiggin actually ended up moving twice in one day. He helped Donnie move out of his house and then move us into Donnies house. Yep you read that right we moved into our friend Donnie's house.

It has been so nice having our own place. Virginia has a bigger room for all her toys. We even have a third bedroom that once organized will be a playroom / craft room. We also have a large fenced in backyard. This is what I missed most when we were living in the apartment. Now we are able to sit on our back deck and watch Virginia play. Another bonus is we are just five minutes from our best friends the Medinas. We are slowly making the house our own. 

We have celebrated all of our birthdays in the new house. Virginia turned three years old. It is hard to believe that my baby is now three. It seems like just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital.  She celebrated by having friends over for a bbq and family over for a get together. It felt so good to have our own house that we could invite friends and family over to celebrate with us. Virginia was just giddy at the chance to show off her room and play with everyone. She really is budding it a social butterfly. 

Since her birthday Virginia has started the three year  old speech program at the Mary Frances Wall Center. I was worried at first how she would handle the change of having speech at home to having it at a school in a class. The biggest change is that I am not allowed to go back to the class with her. But she proved me wrong and has been a champ every week. Not one tear was dropped the first day. It did make me a little sad to see my baby grow up so fast and realize we only have three years til I will be dropping her off for her first day of school. But the school has been great and Virginia loves going every week. She is the only girl in her small class. The boys are super sweet to her. The best thing is that the school is just five minutes from our house and our friend Meredith teaches there as well.

You can tell we have all been pretty busy. Life has been great. Fall is finally arrived and I can't be happier. Hope everyone else is doing great.