White Chocolate Cinnamon Pretzels

When I am not blogging on my site you can catch me over on CentralPiedmontMommies blog. I am in charge of running their blog on a weekly basis. Today I blogged about how to make white chocolate cinnamon pretzels. So run on over and learn how to make a sweet and salty treat.

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

Driving Virginia to speech this morning I noticed all the wonderful Christmas decorations that my neighbors had decorated their yards and houses with. One house was fully decked out from the yard to the house. They had huge Christmas ornaments hanging on their trees. 

Once I dropped Virginia off for speech I headed to the Dollar General to look around for some cheap Christmas decorations. I found a pack of 20 medium size Christmas ornaments for three dollars. Then picked up a pack of 175 ornament hangers for one dollar.  I was ready to decorate the trees in our front yard. 

Virginia was super excited when I picked her up and told her we would be decorating the trees in the front when we got home. This project was so easy that Virginia was able to help me. She grabbed the ornaments and put the hooks in and handed them to me. Then I had her help me pick the perfect spot on the tree to hang the ornaments. She kept saying, " I am a big girl mommy I can do it by myself ". She really is getting so independent lately. 

The decorating took about ten minutes and when we were done we had a beautiful Christmas tree that cost only four dollars. Now once we get the rest of our decorations down from the attic I can string lights on the tree. I am ready for the holidays.

Love My Family!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends. This year we had Thanksgiving at our house. I was in charge of cleaning the house since well my cooking skills are not the best. Reiggin was in charge of the food. He cooked for days it seemed. All the food turned out great. We had so much food by the end of the day I just crashed on the couch. 

I was a little down about not being with my family on Thanksgiving. But I was thrilled to have my sisters and niece come up and visit on Saturday. I know I have said this before, but my sisters are rock star aunts. And I love how close Samantha and Virginia are.  Lisa got to the house first. I gave her the grand tour since it was the first time she had been to our new house. Then Virginia got her into a intense game of fishing.

As soon as Susan and Samantha got to the house, the girls went into Virginia's room to play. They dove into everything. But the hair dryer and beauty toys won out as the favorite. After a little play time we headed to Chili's for some lunch. During the ride, Lisa taught the girls some new vocabulary like chillaxing and some crazy dance moves. It was hilarious.  It was nice to be able to sit down chat and catch up with both my sisters. 

Once back at the house the girls went to play as me and my sisters played on the wii dancing to Just Dance 2. Again I stink at the game and got my butt kicked. It was great having family over to our new house this weekend. I am just thrilled to be able to host family and friends at my place now.