Princess Super Powers!

Doesn't every little girl or boy deserve a Princess crown or King's crown? It seems that all little kids enjoy dressing up and pretending to be someone they are not. So I decided I wanted to make Virginia a princess crown and cape. Well it started off that I was going to make her a super hero outfit. But then I came across we wilsons craft blog when I did my google search.

I landed on her Nicholas Crown Project page. Then I read more about Compasio and how we wilson is sewing crowns for the children at the orphanage in Thailand that is funded and ran by Compasio. We Wilson is even going further as to ask all her readers to email her the name of a child that is sick or having to deal with death or a hardship that may be in need of a crown. We Wilson is sewing a crown for every child that is emailed to her by May 4, 2011. Some of her kind crafty readers are also helping by sewing crowns and shipping them to her. I am hoping to maybe get better and ship a few crowns her way to help her project.

I sat down today and started Virginia's crown. I allowed Virginia to pick the template she liked best, which was the princess crown. Then I laid out all the fabrics that I had and she picked her favorite. After she picked her favorite I picked the fabric for the back of the crown and the accent pieces for the front. I knew that I was going to have to get Virginia over her fear of the sewing machine. If I was going to ever get any project done during the day. For some odd reason Virginia has developed a fear of the sewing machine. She tells me it is because the sewing machine is so loud. It drives me nuts because if I try to sew during the she is run screaming and crying to her bedroom until I turn the sewing machine off and put it away.

Today I was determined to sew her a crown no matter what. She did her usual running and screaming to her bedroom. But after a few minutes came out and was still crying just a little, but once I turned on the cartoons and she realized the sewing machine wasn't going to attack her. She was happy to see the crown taking shape. I am still a very beginner level sewer. But this project was super easy and was perfect for my level. I had lots of fun and can't wait to make more.

If you would like to make your own you can visit We Wilsons for the tutorial and template.