Balloons Away

Lately Virginia has really been enjoying painting and stamping. Each morning she wakes up and watches cartoons. Then next thing I know she is running for her paints. To keep things interesting, we have been trying different methods of painting. We started with the simple paint brush and finger painting. We have explored lids, yarn, and now balloons.

First take a balloon and blow it up. I kept our balloon small since little hands were playing. Next place paint on your lid and let your little one press the balloon into the paint. We did purple, blue, and pink.
Note: I only said a few curse words under my breath as I was trying to tie that devil balloon.

Next press the balloon to the paper and lift. It is that simple. Virginia had a blast with the balloon. I even enjoyed the painting with the balloon. It is endless the amount of things you can paint with. Just a few ideas we want to test is leaves, rocks, and bubble wrap. 

I found a quote on a blog that just rung true to me this week, " It is not about the end product but the process." I am learning to just let Virginia go for it and do what she wants. Letting her explore her creativity with no limits.