Slime Time

Last week at the library as we were searching for books on apples. I stumbled upon a science experiment book called Science Rocks! It is a huge book full of science experiments for all ages. It ranges from the material world, forces in motion, energy in action, electricity and magnetism, and the natural world. I thought it would be a blast to do a few of the simple experiments with Virginia.  First up we did Slime Time.

Fill a cup with cornstarch and pour it into a bowl.

Slowly add some water, stirring all the time. Keep adding water slowly until the mixture turns into a sticky paste. Don't add too much - you probably won't need more than half a cup.

Add food coloring until your mixture changes color, stirring it though until it is all blended in.

Then you have Slime! Pick the mixture up and see how it behaves. What happens if you squeeze or pull it? If you throw it on the floor it will stick together  like a solid, but if you leave it there  it will turn  into a liquid puddle. I add a blast playing in the slime. The texture is amazing and feels so funny turning from solid to a liquid. Sadly Virginia wanted nothing to do with the slime. Slowly I will make my little clean freak into a messy two year old girl.

Warning: Your hands will be tinted the color of food dye you use.