North Cabarrus Park

We started our week off with a visit to North Cabarrus Park. It amazes me how many parks are in our area. I keep discovering new parks to take Virginia too. Virginia woke up and was ready to get outside. So I packed our things and headed out the door. Our first stop was at the bread store. I heard that there were ducks at the park that we could feed. (note: I have now learned that it is bad to feed ducks bread.) 

I have great memories of going with my grandparents to feed the ducks. I knew that Virginia would get a kick out of feeding the ducks as well. Once we made it to the park, Virginia was ready to get out and play. I loved the fact that both playgrounds we saw were covered. With the heat of the summer, that has been our biggest problem is finding shade. One play ground was covered by a huge yellow tent. The second playground just had a perfect location by the woods that kept it in the shade. Another plus was some locations near the playground had metal large swings that the adults could sit on and relax while the kids played. On the smaller playground I was able to sit on the swing and still see Virginia from all spots on the playground. Which is a first for me, usually I am having to follow her around the whole playground.

After playing for a bit, we decided to go feed the ducks some bread. There were ducks and geese around the pond that was right beside the playground. I was amazed at how close the geese would come to us. Virginia loved tossing the bread to the geese. I kept a close eye on her in case I needed to scoop her up and run. I know geese can be mean at times. We walked further down to the bridge and saw tons of turtles and fish in the pond. There had to be like ten or more turtles just sun bathing on the shore. I did learn later that bread is not a healthy diet for ducks. I guess lesson learned and I did find healthy food to feed the birds when we return to the park. 

Virginia was thrilled and pooped for the rest of the day. I call that one successful Monday. North Cabarrus Park is making a spot on our favorite parks list.