One Minute-What Can You Do?

One Minute- What can you do? Well I can write a blog post in one minute. I was browsing the forums on  The Mommies Network when a post caught my eye. It was titled Do you like to Blog, well of course I do! Turns out one of the mommies started a blog where a team of moms create one minute blog posts each day.  Each day a topic is posted and each mom creates a post using that topic. I love how easy and quick this idea is. What is even better is that I get to know each mom a little better each day by reading their posts.

The mom got the idea from The One Minute Writer, I believe. This blog does the same concept and at the end of the day a winner is picked. I have gotten addicted to this site as well. You will find out it doesn't take to much to capture my interest sometimes. I enjoy searching the web finding a new blog to follow or a new craft blog to read. I am one of those people that have like 50 blogs in their reader.

You all will have to visit One-Minute-Bloggers and browse the topics and leave some love in the form of comments. Here are the posts I have made so far. I may have spent one or two extra minutes an a few of these posts, I was just on a roll and couldn't stop.


I can go both ways on this topic. I do love me some socks, but really only doing winter. I love fun colorful socks and especially the holiday socks. But usually I have the white gold toed cotton socks. I really don't enjoy socks most of the time. It always feels like my feet are struggling to breathe. I love going bare foot as much as possible. I believe the worse socks are the toe socks. Yes they look all cute and funny, but those things are like prisons for my toes. I always look forward to spring and summer so I can sport my flip flops and my feet are free. My golden rule is as soon as I walk though the door off comes my shoes and my socks.


I would love to eat a Chick Fil A Banana Pudding milkshake daily as my routine! But then again I may gain like 100 pounds if I did that daily. My morning routine is quite lazy. I wait to hear the sound of my daughter's door opening and then she comes into our bed room and hands me my glasses and cellphone from my night stand. We head into the living room in our PJs to watch some morning cartoons. Most of the time it is either Nick Jr. or Disney Junior. I will grab her some milk and most mornings mini pancakes. 

For myself, I usually eat whatever I feel like. Lately it has been cream cheese bagels. Once we have our food and drinks ready we crash on the couch for a bit. While she is watching cartoons, I surf the web, catching up on email, facebook, centralpiedmontmommies, and TMN. I also start looking around seeing everything I need to be cleaning and wishing the magic cleaning fairies would come out and clean for me.

But alas no fairies have appeared so usually I wait till after lunch to really kick it into gear and clean house. We live in an apartment so there is never to much space to clean. But I try to keep the kitchen and living room cleaned each day. And I always start a load of laundry, even though there are only three of us, it seems like my laundry pile never goes down. 

Not sure why I follow this same routine most days. I guess it is just comfort and I am lazy. I will admit my routine at the moment doesn't work, because well I am lazy. I am working on creating a better cleaning routine where I clean certain areas each day. That way it doesn't add up and I find myself cleaning all day on Saturday, right before the in laws come over.


I basically lived and breathed sports growing up in the south. I remember the smell of the dugout, concession stand, and sunflower seeds. Being the father, of a family of three girls, my dad made up for not having any boys by encouraging us to play sports.

My sisters and I all played softball since we were eight years old. You could find us on the softball field year round. In the winter you could find me on the basketball court being a little more rough then in my daily life. Sports played a huge role growing up, most people identified me as the athletic one or the artsy one. I played one form or another of a sport until I had my daughter at the age of twenty-six.

Now I am back on the sports wagon playing in a bowling league. Don't laugh, after bowling three games in one night I find myself quite tired. I have my average up to 136 and rising. I believe playing sports growing up taught me discipline and leadership. Sports also brought me some of my best friends in life.

I cross my fingers that my daughter will follow in my footsteps and find a sport that she enjoys. But I will be happy either way. As far as watching sports, I enjoy watching any sport as long as I am watching with someone. I am not big into watching sports on TV by myself.

And the best way I know to close, for it's one, two, three strikes  I am out!