Saturday Night Oh Yeah!

Nothing to do with blog post, but no post is complete without a photo.
Ahhhhh, I feel so refreshed after my Saturday night out with my husband. Did you hear that? With my husband. Yep, we went out kid free. We headed up to Statesville to visit the in-laws and my mother-in-law was so kind to offer to watch Virginia while Reiggin and I went up to Hickory for the night. Virginia got entertained and went to Chick-fil-a with PawPaw and MiMi and then back to their place to play with her best furry buds Sadie and Zuzu.

I will admit I was a little nervous about leaving Virginia and letting the in-laws drive her around town. I wasn't worried about their driving skills, but more-so that Virginia would act crazy or just cry once we left her. I know I am silly and I am totally a helicopter mom at times.  But it was extremely nice to jump in the car, just Reiggin and me, and hit the road. We made our way up to Hickory with the plans of going to the consignment store to get clothes for Virginia. I know, I know... even on our night off we are still doing something for Virginia. We ended up skipping the consignment store and went to Ross-for-Less. Reiggin scored some great deals on work clothes. Which I love because really I feel like I am washing his work clothes every day. So now he has more work clothes which means I can space out my laundry load each week.

I didn't find much there for Virginia. There just wasn't any 2T's and it seems like it is that way at lots of places. And I didn't look for myself, I just don't enjoy looking though the racks. I am the type of person (aka lazy) that needs clothes laid out for me and even put together on a mannequin for me. I have no fashion sense what so ever. I would be happy to wear jeans and a t-shirt everywhere I went. If anyone wants to apply to be my personal shopper, please email me. Can't promise the pay will be any good.

After Ross, I hit up Michael's. I love me some craft stores. I was looking to get Virginia some more paints and paper. I came out with a cute $1.00 reversible craft apron for her instead. Yep, you heard right: $1.00. After browsing all the aisles we headed out to figure out what's for dinner. This is always tough because the "whatever you want honey, no whatever you want" conversation begins. But tonight we halved the role and I suggested two places and Reiggin choose the winner.

Red Lobster came out victorious and I was very happy. The cheese biscuits there are heavenly. I ended up getting stuffed tilapia and was stuffed myself by the end of the meal. After dinner we hit up Toys R Us to see if there was anything good for Virginia there. I was disappointed that we didn't find anything there either. She really is in a between stage where she isn't old enough for some of the electronic toys but too old for the baby toys. But I am going to Walmart today to get paints. That seems to be the winner with her lately. I hope to drive down to Ikea also today to get their $5 drawing paper roll. Also to let Virginia play in their play area for the first time. And as always when going to Ikea you have to have some meatballs.

A night away from said kid and just a night with my husband was just what the doctor ordered. We don't go out just the two of us enough. Mostly because I just can't bring myself to pay a babysitter 10 bucks or more and pay for dinner or a movie. That is a ton of money. Call me cheap. So usually we have to drive an hour either way to the grandparents. Which I don't mind doing because Virginia loves seeing her PawPaw's and MawMaw and MiMi. Next on the date night schedule is going to have to be a movie night. It has been forever since we have been to the movies.